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Thank you for taking an interest in joining our Early Access program for DDEV-Live.

DDEV-Live is the culmination of six years worth of patience, observation, and hard work by an international team that believes in a better way of working on the internet. We’ve watched the adoption of our local development tools and listened to our users to understand what is missing in today’s hosting providers. We’ve had to wait for supporting technologies and communities to mature instead of marching forward with excessive overhead and technical debt. We work tirelessly to bring you an experience that gives you the tools to be ready for a future that you control.

DDEV-Live is unlike any other platform you have used. It is a maturing technology that needs your input and feedback to help it grow. You have our commitment to bring the quality and simplicity in your workflows that you have come to expect. Enjoy an entirely new way of building on the internet that puts the best of Open Source at your fingertips. You are an integral part of what we are growing, and we are deeply grateful for your participation. Spend a little time to get to know us and let’s work to make this the best tool for you.

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1. We will use the information you submit here to provision your “org” on the platform.
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3. The trial period is 21 days, after which your data will be securely deleted.
4. At that point, we would like to collect your feedback!
5. In exchange for your feedback, we are offering to make a donation to an open source project on your behalf or email you a Starbucks gift card.

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  • DDEV-Live has custom configurations for several CMSs with more on the way. Please let us know your favorites so we can contact you when features are available.
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