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Host Drupal, WordPress and TYPO3 sites on scalable, flexible infrastructure that just works. DDEV-Live reduces the complexity of hosting modern websites so you can focus on delivering great projects using your favorite workflows. We’re dedicated to supporting the way you work today to help you advance towards your most successful tomorrow.

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Something new and different

DDEV-Live isn’t like other platforms
Several key differences will stand out as you begin to explore what is available. Learn more about the story behind DDEV in the introduction to our documentation pages.

Working with Providers
DDEV-Live connects directly to your GitHub, GitLab, or other Git repository provider. This allows you to directly move code within your Git workflow and include DDEV-Live where you need it.

ddev-live --help
We want our core technical users to feel at home with DDEV, so we built the DDEV-Live CLI and fine-tuned it based on user feedback and familiar patterns. Download it from the DDEV-Live dashboard or Homebrew. A robust web UI is in the roadmap.

We’re helpers, but we know you just want to try things out on your own. Please do! Take chances, make mistakes! If you need us, just reach out.

Simplify Remote Work

Real-Time Collaboration:
DDEV allows anyone — anywhere — to develop and test on their own machine, quickly deploy to a staging environment, rapidly deliver code, and share projects with clients and team members.

Your Tools, Your Way:
Client needs shift. Workflows change. DDEV allows you to stay relevant by offering on-the-fly adaptability to swap CI/CD tools to better fit your end-to-end workflows. Choose from popular solutions like Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, and more.

Consistency and parity:
DDEV-Live drives consistency across dev-to-deploy workflows to provide increased reliability and repeatability. Teams can all be on the same page wherever they are thanks to automated builds and environment parity.

Dev, Test, Prod:
Reduce the firefighting, increase reliability at scale, and deliver engaging digital experiences faster than the competition. DDEV-Live continues the pattern from DDEV-Local to help your teams develop, deploy, and maintain web applications using repeatable standards. Every step is configurable, shareable, and adaptable to fit the other pieces of your workflow puzzle. Together, we’ve got this.

Flexible, Scriptable, Integrated

Run multiple open source CMSs with confidence:
DDEV-Local and DDEV-Live currently support Drupal, TYPO3WordPress, and other PHP applications with the flexibility to support even more project types.

Managed complexity:
We’re focused on taming complexity and increasing developer efficiency so that agencies and solo shops can increase the value provided to their clients.

Flexible and adaptable:
DDEV-Live easily integrates into your existing workflows as a hosting platform or additional CI/CD tool. It’s our latest offering to empower open-source developers to choose the tools that work for you and fit your workflows— no need to change on our account.

Supporting best practices across the board

Application Layer Expertise:
The roots of DDEV are in our collective experience in digital agencies, enterprise businesses and open source communities. DDEV is structured around the needs of our core users, informed by our passion for people, process and principles.

Continuous Deployment:
Deployments to our environments are as simple as pushing a branch to your GitHub, GitLab, or other hosted version control system. DDEV-Live also can serve as a testing or QA stage in your CI/CD pipelines.

Automated Backups:
Backups are configurable from the DDEV-Live CLI for each site. Set the number of backups to retain for each project. 

All our infrastructure, websites and servers, are monitored continuously, allowing us to detect and proactively address issues before they escalate.

Continuous Improvements:
Our aim is to deliver new and better services so you can deliver new and better projects. We invest in our infrastructure and upstream communities on an ongoing basis and follow an internal GitOps workflow to deploy new features ASAP.

Delivering the benefits of the cloud

Production grade container orchestration by Kubernetes:
Massively scalable industry standard open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Designed on the same principles that allow Google and others to run billions of containers a week.

Portable and deployment agnostic:
Container-based architecture allows you to deploy your application with its exact environment and configuration anywhere. DDEV-Live is designed to be installed or integrated where and how you need.

Self-healing and load balancing:
Kubernetes manages nodes and balances traffic according to needs, replacing failed containers and ensuring traffic increases (and decreases) are handled automatically, or the way you need it to be configured.

Transparent Pricing: 
Pay for what you need. Smaller shops often don’t need or want enterprise-scale hosting, but should still be able to benefit from the modern tech that powers our services. Larger clients need a product that integrates with their existing workflows, a hosting provider that offers options for data sovereignty, and of course highly scalable services. Thanks to our declarative API, DDEV can deliver both.

The Bigger Picture

Advancing Developer Communities:
At DDEV, we remain committed to empowering developers and helping agencies do more with limited budgets. Our hosting platform is designed to work for you, to encourage and support repeatable processes, drive increased reliability, and improve efficiency.

Open Source Ecosystem:
We’re committed to open source opportunities and projects, just like you. That’s why we built DDEV using proven technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Prometheus, Jenkins, and more.

Ongoing Support:
DDEV-Live is backed by specific service guarantees for enterprise level accounts, product engineering team access for sudden bug fixes and issues, and performance tuning. We’re committed to continuing to improve the platform and add the features you need, and always welcome conversations with our customers.

Long-Term Adaptability:
The complexities of modern website projects, deployments, and hosting grow with each new platform, framework, and CMS. DDEV leverages modern cloud infrastructure to tame complexity and provide the flexibility to accommodate custom workflows and shifting business requirements.


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