The DDEV Story

Why did we build local development and web hosting solutions? The complexity of early enterprise Drupal projects such as demonstrated the difficulty of moving between stages in the development process and replicating the stresses of the production site during development. Every team member had to configure their local AMP stack for every project they … Continued

Open source collaboration: signing_tools for macOS Catalina

As Apple has ratcheted up the pressure on developers with new security requirements, we wanted the users of both DDEV-Local and DDEV-Live to have command-line tools they could depend on without macOS Catalina randomly disabling them and making life difficult. It’s been a challenging task, with Apple first requiring code signing and then later increasing … Continued

DDEV v Build-it-yourself

Despite its appeal, if building your own local development and live deployment solution isn’t your core business, you should consider a fully-supported, open source solution like DDEV. It offers you a much better long-term balance in terms of focus and cost, meeting your needs efficiently while remaining transparent, flexible, and extensible. Whether you’re leading a … Continued

Enabling fast flow of work from Dev to Deploy with DevOps best practices

On-demand environments are essential to delivering code—and therefore value—from dev-to-deploy rapidly, reliably, and regularly. At every stage of the workflow, the environment has to be as close to the production setup as possible to avoid nasty surprises when your code hits production. Defining your “production-like” environment with automated build mechanisms to create containers—like in DDEV-Local—lets … Continued

Dev-to-Deploy: The Evolution & Landscape of Modern Web Development

Over the past twenty years, web application development has evolved, hand-in-hand with the role of IT in business. Development methodologies have sprung up in response to this evolution. Each new development methodology has tended to build on its predecessors and also reflected the growing importance of IT and move IT and business decision-making closer and … Continued

Tools for an efficient DevOps workflow

The DevOps workflow is about efficiently producing useful outcomes—in both software and process—that inform and improve the next cycle of work from dev-to-deploy. This is how you can create more opportunities for digital transformation in your business. The goal is not just velocity, not to simply move faster through the steps of the workflow, but … Continued

DevOps – the Culture v Software Question

A DevOps enabled workflow comes out of a culture that focuses on improving flow. DevOps answers “why”, and the choices around tooling and software answer “how”. You can’t have one without the other. DevOps answers “why” In our previous post, we looked at What is DevOps? DevOps isn’t a tool you can buy. When you … Continued

What is DevOps?

DevOps isn’t a tool you can buy. So what is DevOps? The DevOps movement extends the principles of lean and agile methodologies beyond application code to the entire value stream, from business requirements—driven by the ongoing digital transformation that marks today’s successful organizations—to development, deployment, measurement, and analysis, and back to the next set of … Continued

Onsite Collaboration and Communication

This week is an exciting, and colorful time here in Denver Colorado. We have a broad array of events happening from Denver ComicCon to Pride Fest and our first real Drud Technology onsite. Being part of a distributed company with a remote culture means our communication needs to be extraordinary. Luckily, our team is flexible, … Continued

Why DevOps, Containers, and Tooling Matter in Digital Transformation

The ever-accelerating pressure to deliver faster, simpler, better products and services is industry agnostic; it affects every company in every market. Our ability to wield the powerful but complicated digital resources available to us (and our competitors) will directly predict our place in those markets. Companies adopting DevOps practices are outstripping their competitors in speed … Continued