Kevin Bridges

Kevin Bridges

Kevin Bridges is a long-time internet veteran who has actively been involved with internet systems development since 1992. He has been an integral component helping to deliver some of the largest and most complex Drupal sites in existence. He has a deep understanding of automation, security and performance implications and brings passion in these areas to the team. Kevin served as the DevOps North American Global Track Chair for the Drupal Association and has worked with outstanding organizations ranging from the Bonnier Corporation, to to Acquia. He has been involved in Drupal as a contributor since 2004 and helped establish Colorado as a Drupal hub. Kevin brings the concepts of DevOps and Open Source to organizations to help them realize modern techniques of automation, testing, scalability, predictability and metric driven results. His skills, from project management, to systems architecture and automation have helped numerous clients realize their goals.

Posts by Kevin Bridges:

Drupal Europe Wrap-up!

We just returned from Drupal Europe in Darmstadt, Germany. With DrupalCon Europe on hiatus for a year, the European Drupal community decided to take the challenge of running a volunteer-led event. Thanks to the people behind Drupal Europe for running a fantastic event! News from Drupal Europe Dries gave his State of Drupal keynote announcing the … Continued

Tools for an efficient DevOps workflow

The DevOps workflow is about efficiently producing useful outcomes—in both software and process—that inform and improve the next cycle of work from dev-to-deploy. This is how you can create more opportunities for digital transformation in your business. The goal is not just velocity, not to simply move faster through the steps of the workflow, but … Continued

DevOps – the Culture v Software Question

A DevOps enabled workflow comes out of a culture that focuses on improving flow. DevOps answers “why”, and the choices around tooling and software answer “how”. You can’t have one without the other. DevOps answers “why” In our previous post, we looked at What is DevOps? DevOps isn’t a tool you can buy. When you … Continued

See you at Drupal Europe!

Drupal Europe is a new event is organized by a group of community volunteers in collaboration with the German Drupal Association and the Drupal Europe Foundation. Here’s where you can find the DRUD team. Where you can find the DRUD team at Drupal Europe At Drupal Europe, we’ll be showing off the DDEV UI and … Continued

Onsite Collaboration and Communication

This week is an exciting, and colorful time here in Denver Colorado. We have a broad array of events happening from Denver ComicCon to Pride Fest and our first real Drud Technology onsite. Being part of a distributed company with a remote culture means our communication needs to be extraordinary. Luckily, our team is flexible, … Continued

Open Source Engagement for Business

I’m honored and excited to be speaking about Open Source Engagement at DevOpsDays Boise on June 6th, 2018. See full agenda (PDF.) I’m incredibly passionate about open source, creating successful teams, and helping people.  This talk focuses on some of the lessons I’ve learned through experience. Keystones for successful open source projects Keystones for successful … Continued

Come meet the DDEV Team at DrupalCon Nashville!

We’re going to DrupalCon Nashville next week. We’re excited to meet you at our booth, in BoFs, and sprints. Here’s where you can find us. Follow us on Twitter to find out when the popcorn is poppin! And sign up for our mailing list for release updates and news. Come meet the DDEV Team At … Continued

DRUD Tech Releases DDEV Community, the Premier Open Source Toolkit to Simplify End-to-End Web Development Processes

The new enterprise-grade, open source solution automates local web development processes to deliver unmatched cost and labor efficiencies DENVER, CO–(Marketwired – Sep 19, 2017) – DRUD Tech, provider of open source development tools that automate workflows and web application development with popular CMSes including Drupal and WordPress, today announced the release of DDEV Community. Web developers … Continued